[kaffe] Garbage Collection

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Wed Feb 26 08:57:01 PST 2003

Hi Matthew,

--- Matthew Toseland <toad at amphibian.dyndns.org>
> Using Kaffe CVS, it looks like when I call:
> System.gc();
> System.runFinalization();
> It locks the whole VM for the GC. Is there any way
> to prevent this?
> Sun doesn't do this. Also it seems rather slower
> than Sun.

AFAIK, kaffe's gc stops the world when it goes about
doing its business. I believe that Sun's VMs only
recently changed their default gc to collect garbage
in an asynchronious thread.

PocketLinux kaffe has a gc interface to the Boehm
garbage collector (used by gcj btw.). I can't tell if
using that gc would be an improvement.

> What exactly is the Kaffe garbage collection policy?

See FAQ.gcstrategy.

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