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Wed Feb 26 09:17:01 PST 2003

Hallo Marc,

--- Marc Kleine-Budde <kleine-budde at gmx.de> wrote:

> In the file include/Makefile.am (and the derived
> Makefile.in, Makefile)
> What is the difference between the various *_HDRS
> NOINSTALL_DERIVED_HDRS, ...)? Why is a header file
> in a certain _HDRS
> group, what are the requuirements for the header
> files and the groups?

INSTALL should mean: these headers get installed,
NOINSTALL should mean: they don't get installed.
DERIVED should mean: these headers are derived (using
kaffeh, from Klasses.jar.bootstrap). JNI_DERIVED
should mean: these headers are derived using kaffeh
from Klasses.jar.bootstrap *and* the -jni option is
set, resulting in JNI-ish method names.

So if your class uses JNI to call its native methods
(like tritonus), then it goes into the JNI set,
otherwise it goes into the other one.

In libraries/javalib, Klasses.jar.bootstrap contains
beside classes necesary for kjc to run, also all the
classes necessary to generate headers from. They are
at the end of bootstrap.classlist.

At least that's what I've figured out when I merged in
tritonus :)

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