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Thu Feb 27 01:36:02 PST 2003

Hi Zoe,

--- Zoe <chyu at csis.hku.hk> wrote:
> Hi,
> > PocketLinux kaffe has a gc interface to the Boehm
> > garbage collector (used by gcj btw.). I can't tell
> if
> > using that gc would be an improvement.
> I haven't used PocketLinux Kaffe before.  I would
> like to know what's the
> different between PocketLinux Kaffe and Kaffe? 

pocketlinux' version of kaffe had seen more internal
development from Transvirtual, and should contain some
improvements in some areas (AWT, rudimentary jit4,
gc-interface to boehm, more ports & threading systems,
better gcj support ...), but it has been surpassed in
others ;)

In short, volunteers are needed to merge in the good

> Do
> you mean that the GC in
> PocketLinux Kaffe can be plugged into Kaffe as well?

Only if the gc interface hasn't diverged much between
the two versions. I haven't looked at it seriously
yet, so I can't tell. It would be nice if someone
could try to merge it in, so we can know for sure ;)

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