[kaffe] cvs build fails

Milos Negovanovic milosn at xtra.co.nz
Thu Feb 27 11:54:01 PST 2003

> Zdravo Milose,

Zdravo :)

> The problem seems to be that the INCLUDES from
> kaffe/kaffeh/Makefile.am are not expanded to include
> the -DKAFFEH, so some files assume they are built for
> the VM (instead of kaffeh) and use functions that are
> not available in kaffeh.

yeah thats what was wrong

> The proper fix for this would be to look at the
> Automake docs to see how to add -DKAFFEH to CFLAGS in
> kaffe/kaffeh/Makefile.am. Could you take a look and
> send me a patch?

after fixing that make bombs on me in other place
(something to do with include files) and at the moment i
dont have the time to play with it more. Easyer solution
for me was to switch to gmake(GNU make). gmake works OK.

Ill try to get arround the problems that happen when i try
to use native NetBSD make and send a patch to this list
(in near future i hope :).


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