[kaffe] Qt AWT backend works under Qtopia(Qt Palmtop)

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 6 09:59:02 PST 2003

Hi Jim,

--- jserv at linux2.cc.ntu.edu.tw wrote:
> Hello all Kaffe developers,
> 	With a few modifications, I got Kaffe VM (AWT
> included) working
> under Qtopia (e.g. Qt Palmtop: http://qpe.sf.net/ ).

That's very nice. Does that mean that you've got kaffe
running on a Zaurus?

I looked at your patch, and I'll merge it in. 

The only thing  I don't like is the extra build
script. It would be better in my opinion to adapt
gwqt.m4 file to check for Qtopia and set the necessary
paths, environment variables, linker flags just like
it does for ordinary Qt. Could you try to do that?

> 	I took some screenshot in the following link:

Cool, can I have your permission to put them on

best regards,

dalibor topic

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