[kaffe] Kaffe without cygwin?

Abhishek Khaitan, Noida akhaitan at noida.hcltech.com
Wed Jan 8 21:27:01 PST 2003

Hi Dalibor,

Thanks a lot for the help! I will try the options and hope that kaffe will
soon start running on my windows.

With Regards,

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--- "Abhishek Khaitan, Noida"
<akhaitan at noida.hcltech.com> wrote:
> Hi !
> I want to run Kaffe on windows NT 4.0 without using
> Cygwin. Please let me
> know how can I achieve this?

You've got a few options. None of them will work out
of the box with the current sources in the CVS.

Option 1) 
Use MingW32. Mingw32 is a GNU tools & gcc port to MS
Windows that uses Microsofts MSVCRT.DLL instead of a
GNU libc port. So programs compiled with MingW32 don't
pay the performance penalty you'd pay in Cygwin in
order to emulate a POSIX environment.

There is a kaffe port to MingW32 in the pocketlinux
source tree in kaffe's CVS. Your mission, if you chose
to accept it, would be to merge that port into the
kaffe CVS tree.

It's not as easy as it sounds. The internals of
pocketlinux' kaffe are slightly different from
kaffe.org version. You will need to learn about Win32
threads in order to get the port running.
Unix-jthreads will not work because there is no Unix
environment emulation. That's where I gave up last
time I tried it ;)

Option 2)
Use MSVC++ to compile kaffe. You may achieve that by
using the cccl wraper for MSVC++ under Cygwin. Cccl is
a shell script frontend for MSVC++ that maps gcc
options to MSVC++ options. I haven't tried that. If
you try to get it to work, please report your
experiences to the mailing list.

Option 3)
Create a MSVC++ project to build kaffe. Using am2msdev
you should be able to generate MSVC++ 6.0 project
files from kaffe's auto* tools build scripts. I
haven't tried that either. Again, if you do it, tell
us how far you've got.

Option 4) 
Use lcc-win32, borlands bcc, intels icc, or watcom's
openWatcom compiler under cygwin in order to compile
the code against MSVCRT.DLL. I think that kaffe uses
some gcc specific constructs, so if you are going to
do such work, it would involve cleaning up such

You may have other options, but these are the ones I'm
aware of. I belive that merging in the MingW32 port
would be a very useful contribution, but you should
chose whatever is the best for you.

best regards,
dalibor topic

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