[kaffe] [crash] Jython 2.1 Installer vs. jthread_disable_stop

Timothy Stack stack at cs.utah.edu
Fri Jan 10 10:04:01 PST 2003

> Hi,


> now that we've got Jython to run, I've tried to
> install it using the Jaython 2.1 installer from
> http://www.jython.org/download.html . That lead to an
> interesting crash: the jthread_disable_stop assert
> that checks if the disable_counter is less than 10
> leads to a core dump. Increasing the disable_counter
> limit to 50 lets most of the installer run, but it
> still dumps core at the end of the installation
> process at the same assert.

There are quite a few nested internal locks, which causes the assert to
fire...  So, technically, increasing the number should be fine.  A
"better" fix would be to either get rid of support for stop(), handle
unlocking internal locks when a thread is stopped, or reduce the amount of

> Finally, increasing the
> limit to 1000 leads to a core dump because of a stack
> over flow exception.

A lame guess is that this is due to a cycle in the serialized objects and
kaffe not being smart enough to notice.  But, I don't know that much about
the serialization code (pat touched it last if we go the hot potato

> Any idea how to debug this / what might be causing it
> / if it's fixed in JanosVM ?

I dumped support for Thread.stop(), so we're immune that way.  Theres also 
a bunch of other changes that might reduce the amount of nested locks...

Btw, for me, jython takes _forever_ to open the installer window at 
startup.  I don't see this behavior in the JanosVM, but it has some other 
bugs when painting the window (i haven't updated to the current cvs yet).

> best regards,
> dalibor topic


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