[kaffe] pure java vs. native implementations

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 10 11:24:01 PST 2003

Hi Tim,

--- Timothy Stack <stack at cs.utah.edu> wrote:

> So, on the discussion of replacing native library
> implementations with 
> pure java versions from classpath, I don't see why
> they both can't be 
> included.  With a bit of configure magic everything
> should work fine...  
> For example:
>   if libgmp is available && !force_pure_java:
>     use native impl
>   else
>     use pure java impl

Yeah, that sounds good. Something like
--with-pure-java=PACKAGE,... as in
--with-pure-java=java.math,java.util.zip should be
easy. I could add a pure-java directory in
libraries/javalib and set java_math_SRCS and
java_util_zip_SRCS conditionally. What do you think ?

> Handling this at runtime would be nicer, but this
> should do for the 
> majority of people I would think.

Yeah, but it would require some kind of generic
Service Provider Interface for packages/classes (as
all implementations would be in the same namespace),
and I doubt that's worth it. I'd also assume that most
people would use a single implementation all the time.

best regards,
dalibor topic

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