[kaffe] Using JAVAC_FLAGS for compilation

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 11 12:24:01 PST 2003


I've checked in a small patch that makes it easier to
pass flags to the compiler when compiling the class
library. Use the JAVAC_FLAGS environment variable.

So if you are using jikes 1.18, a 'make
JAVAC_FLAGS="-source 1.1"' will create a rt.jar that
won't produce those annoying class file form version
mismatch messages.

In theory, you could also compile kaffe's class
library with gcj now, by passing it JAVAC_FLAGS="-C"
to compile to bytecodes. Unfortunately, all gcj
version I tried before, up to 3.2, are not able to
compile the class library. 

Maybe Mark Wielaard could supply some information on
how the latest gcj from CVS fares on kaffe's sources.

Another interesting possibility is that you can now
easily pass flags for optimization to the compiler. So
you can more easily generate an optimized rt.jar than
before. That can also means size-reduction, for the
embedded developers. For some compilers, you can pass
flags to reduce the amount of debugging information
included in the class files.

The major benefit, though, is that you can use the
latest jikes again with ease ;) That should reduce the
compile time quite a bit, especially for those
platforms where you are running on the interpreter.

More information is available in

best regards,
dalibor topic

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