[kaffe] Bug report (java.io.StreamTokenizer)

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Tue Jul 1 03:07:01 PDT 2003

Hei Hermanni,

--- Hermanni Hyytiälä <hemppah at cc.jyu.fi> wrote:
> So, the fundamental question seems to be that do we want that Kaffe
> respects JLS's (obsolete?) defintions, or non-open source implementions'
> functionality (i.e. a "standard" functionality, not only Sun, IBM also)?

Respect latest JDK API specs where you can, and do as Sun does where you must

> Also, I think it's a unfortunate that Java language doesn't have a
> standard which would compel non-open source communities to respect the
> standard. IMO, if there was a Java standard, it's possible that we never
> had this discussion ;).

An ISO or ECMA standard would be nice. I doubt though, that it would remove all
ambiguities from the language, or the class library. Take
http://www.kaffe.org/pipermail/kaffe/2003-May/042181.html for an example of how
important it is to know how methods use each other internally. If a standard
went down into that much detail, it might as well be published as source code

> Finally, are you aware of this:
> http://linuxtoday.com/it_management/2003062301226NWDTRH

We had a vey short thread about it last week:

Nothing on RedHat's site seems to confirm it, so I think it's just some JavaOne

I wouldn't put too high hopes into it, since Sun has been burned once with
Java, and I doubt they will release their grip on the platform very soon.
Especially with Microsoft trying hard to push .net everywhere.

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