[kaffe] String problem / NullPointerException in KJC

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Thu Jul 3 08:37:01 PDT 2003

Salut Guilhem,

--- Guilhem Lavaux <guilhem.lavaux at free.fr> wrote:

> I then wondered if this may be caused by the original Boyer-Moore algorithm 
> implemented in Kaffe and so I tried to shutdown it: the problem disappeared. 
> Looking at the code I am a little surprised of one statement which can cause 
> an "overread" of a string buffer:

thanks, very good catch! I'll check in your fix. 

I've tested kaffe with, and without your patch. Without your patch it crashes
during make dist. With the patch, all regression tests pass (when kjc ist ran
with -noverify), and make dist works like a charm. 

There is a tiny difference in generated bytecode of Rectangle2D, but it's
nothing for concern. Only a few parameters for the generated constructor of
Rectangle2D$1 are swapped.

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