[kaffe] Kaffe on ucLinux

Anish Acharya a2achary at engmail.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Jul 3 12:43:01 PDT 2003

I am a student at the University of Waterloo working on an engineering
design project with several other students.  The hardware platform for
our project is an embedded Altera board.  The operating system we have
chosen is ucLinux.  We would like to develop our software in Java;
however there are no VM implementations that I have found for ucLinux.
However, I read on a news group that someone had seen the Kaffee VM
running on ucLinux.  If anyone knows anything about this (where such a
version of Kaffe is available or how to port it) I would greatly
appreciate any information you might have.  I have found no references
to ucLinux on the Kaffe home page or on the mailing list.
Thanks in advance for your time,
Anish Acharya
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