Problems with CygWin (was: Re: [kaffe] undefined references in kaffeh)

Andrea Scian andrea.scian at
Fri Jul 4 09:10:01 PDT 2003

here I am... back again...
so... I update kaffe with the lastest CVS but it still ask me about _inet_pton funcion (and the others) while trying to link kaffe-bin...

Here it is the output of the make command as an attachment...
there is also an undefined reference to _machine_debug_filename... even if I asked for a --disable-debug --disable-xdebugging...

>Ciao Andrea,
>--- Andrea Scian <andrea.scian at> wrote:
>> are you asking for more error with CygWin?
>yeah, I'm a glutton for punishment ;)
>> 1) I see that I need for inet_ntop function. In your mail (the one talking
>> about cygwin patch) you say to download it from
>> but
>> adding it to kaffe (I edit manually the ./kaffe/kaffe/Makefile and add it to
>> kaffe_bin_OBJECTS and kaffe_bin_SOURCES) give me a lots of compiling errors
>> (it says it neds irc.h that I don't have)
>you shouldn't need to add them it with the latest sources from the CVS. See
> on how to check them out, (you'll also need
>automake 1.7.5, autoconf 2.57 and libtool 1.5) or use todays distribution
>snapshot at 
>how far do you get with that one?
>> 2) I don't need AWT so I disable it now (--with-awt=no) but while building
>> with AWT selected it give me the follow message:
>I'll have to take a closer look at that one on my cygwin installation.
>> 3) I see that while running ./configure it says:
>> checking winbase.h presence... yes
>> configure: WARNING: winbase.h: present but cannot be compiled
>> configure: WARNING: winbase.h: check for missing prerequisite headers?
>> configure: WARNING: winbase.h: proceeding with the preprocessor's result
>> configure: WARNING: Report this bug-autoconf at
>> the same with winnt.h (I'm running under WinXP), winsock.h...
>> windows.h can be found and used...
>> if you want I can give you the full configure.log
>Again, the same reply as for 2.
>dalibor topic
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