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Sun Jul 6 06:04:01 PDT 2003

Salut Guilhem,

--- Guilhem Lavaux <guilhem.lavaux at free.fr> wrote:
> Hi again,
> I have noticed that, on new GLIBC systems, configure complains about 
> asm/signal.h, asm/sigcontext.h, linux/netlink.h and linux/rtnetlink.h. 
> Apparently they are there but cannot be compiled because of the GLIBC 
> volontary incompatible includes. I have so written a new macro to detect the 
> presence of __GLIBC__ and only test linux headers if it is not found. This 
> removes the complaints of the latest autoconf.

unfotunately, while it fixes autoconf's complains, it breaks some replacement
functions on older glibc based systems. IPv6 evolved gradually in the linux
glibc, so the replacement code checks whether the headers exist before it
decides if it can emulate the missing functions or if it can only provide
dummies. See replace/getifaddrs.c. I think we'll have to live with the
situation, since the glibc includes are voluntarily incompatible. Even if the
glibc developers change their mind about it, and provide more compatible
includes, the old versions will still stay around for years ;) And that means
dealing with it. So for example, a good deal of work by Kiyo and Ito recently
has gone into making sure kaffe builds and works fine on Linux 2.0.x systems
and the glibc present on such systems.

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