[kaffe] Eclipse and strange ClassCastException

Helmer Krämer hkraemer at freenet.de
Mon Jul 7 02:22:02 PDT 2003

On 07 Jul 2003 10:11:56 +0200
Mark Wielaard <mark at klomp.org> wrote:


> When trying to run the eclipse-SDK-2.1-linux-gtk release (make sure that
> your java.version in System.csays "1.3" otherwise it won't try to run at
> all) I get a strange ClassCastException (workspace/.metainfo/.log file):
> java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError: [exception was java.lang.ClassCastException: can't cast `org/apache/xerces/parsers/StandardParserConfiguration' to `org/apache/xerces/xni/parser/XMLParserConfiguration']
>         at org.eclipse.core.internal.plugins.RegistryLoader.processManifestFile(RegistryLoader.java:89)
> [ ... ]
> The StandardParserConfiguration class implements the
> XMLPullParserConfiguration interface which extends the
> XMLParserConfiguration interface.

the problem is that 'StandardParserConfiguration' is loaded by a
PluginClassLoader and 'XMLParserConfiguration' is loaded by the
PlatformClassLoader (the attached patch includes this info in the
message of the ClassCastException).

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