[kaffe] Shutdown patch

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem.lavaux at free.fr
Tue Jul 8 10:14:02 PDT 2003


This patch adds the ShutdownHook (Java 1.3) feature to kaffe. Here is a 

* libraries/clib/native/Application.c, 
libraries/javalib/kaffe/lang/Application.java: removed
* libraries/clib/native/Runtime.c: renamed exitInternal() into exit0()
* libraries/javalib/java/lang/Runtime.java (exitInternal, addShutdownHook, 
removeShutdownHook, exitJavaCleanup, runShutdownHooks): implement the 
Shutdown hook Java 1.3 feature, removed kaffe/lang/Application.
* libraries/javalib/java/lang/System.java (exitJavaCleanup): Added a hook for 
* kaffe/kaffevm/threads.c: Call System.exitJavaCleanup() before final exit.

If you check it in, you will first need to delete kaffe/lang/Application.java 
and native/Application.c as mentioned. Hope it's allright.


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