[kaffe] iPAQ binary

Sebastian Mancke asteban at gmx.net
Wed Jul 9 02:06:01 PDT 2003

> thanks! basically your binary works on iPAQ. 

> but when launching
> applications using awt, then it fails with "segmentation fault". so version
> 1.0.7 seems to be more stable. can you launch applications using awt or
> swing?
On the YOPY awt and swing are no problem (except the performance of swing).

Building kaffe for the YOPY was very easy. So you may try it.

Have you checked http://www.handhelds.org/z/wiki/JavaOnIPAQ
Kero van Gelder made an binary of Kaffe 1.0.6 an fixed some Xlibs
from the familar dist. Maby you should ask him. He's being helpful.

best regards

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