[kaffe] Porting Kaffe to Cray

Justin R. Cutler tdsds at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 11 08:51:01 PDT 2003

I am part of GWU's project working on porting Kaffe to the Cray SV1.

Our project has already gotten the interpreter partially running, so we are
also starting on a JIT3 implementation in parallel.  We presently have no
plans to use the vector units in our implementation, as we wish to take
somewhat smaller steps in the porting process.

Does anyone have any recommendations for porting JIT3 to the Cray SV1?  More
importantly, does anyone know of potenmtial pitfalls we can avoid at the
start of the project?

* Justin R. Cutler
* Department of Computer Science
* The George Washington University

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