[kaffe] Bug Report: LinkedList.addAll

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem.lavaux at free.fr
Fri Jul 11 10:20:02 PDT 2003


On Friday 11 July 2003 10:02, Jeremy Buisson wrote:
> In kaffe-1.1.0, maybe this has already been reported:

It seems it is always hanging around.

> at least methods LinkedList.addAll(Collection) and
> LinkedList.addAll(int, Collection) do not comply to Sun's specifications.
> In the first form (without the position), the elements must be appended
> to the end of the list. They are currently inserted after the first
> element.
> In the second form, the elements must be inserted *before* the specified
> position, and not after like the current version does.

Thank you. Here is a quick patch fixing that if someone can commit it...

* libraries/javalib/java/util/LinkedList.java (addAll#1, addAll#2): Changed 
the behaviour of addAll to comply with Sun's spec. addAll must add the 
collection after the precised element or at the end of the list.

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