[kaffe] Fwd: MonitorVariable allocation problem

Ito Kazumitsu ito.kazumitsu at hitachi-cable.co.jp
Mon Jul 14 04:48:02 PDT 2003

In message "[kaffe] Fwd: MonitorVariable allocation problem"
    on 03/07/12, Guilhem Lavaux <guilhem.lavaux at free.fr> writes:

> I know this is not really the place for that patch (I also sent it to KOPI 
> Developer list) but I do not know if the project is still really active... 
> Meanwhile here is a patch to fix KJC's problem raised by ShutdownHookTest. I 
> have checked the new compiler by compiling all the java libraries with itand 
> all regression tests pass successfully. So if someone is interested in 
> testing it...

I tried your patch and foud it worked fine.

I hope Kopi project is still active because some people at dms.at
somtimes posts articles to the Kopi users mailing list.

But I do not expect that an official bug fix of kjc.jar
is coming soon.  So I think it is a good idea that we use
Guilhem's kjc.jar for the time being.

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