[kaffe] Cannot Run Awt Program(kaffe-awt-qte)

jxq jia_xq at etang.com
Tue Jul 15 03:15:01 PDT 2003

hello kaffe!
  I compiled kaffe using cross compile environment for my target ( mips, linux, awt=qt, crosscompiler tool chain  mips-linux-gcc).qte is qt-embedded-free-3.1.0,crosscompiler installed in the /usr/tools/mipsel-linux,qte installed in the /root/qte-3.1.0.
   1) I configured a kaffe with the following options:
     export CC=mips-linux-gcc \
            CXX=mips-linux-g++ \
   ./configure \
     --host=mips-pc-linux-gnu \
     --build=i686-linux \
     --with-engins=intrp \     
     --without-esd \
     --without-alsa \
     --with-awt=qt \
     --with-qtdir=/root/qte-3.1.0 \ 
     --with-include=/usr/tools/mipsel-linux/include \
     --with-libraries=/usr/tools/mipsel-linux/lib  \
   2) make
      'make' is ok!
   3) make install
      'make install' is ok too! and create a tree in the /usr/local/kaffe.
   4) I copy the /usr/local/kaffe directory to my mips machine
      I run HelloWorld.class,It is right!
      I write a very simple awt program as following:      

      /** FirstFrame.java **/
        import java.awt.*;
        public class FirstFrame
	       public static void main(String[] args)
		      Frame frame = new Frame();

       'Kjc Myprogram.java' is ok, create Myprogram.class,then I use 'kaffe Myprogram' to run this class,the following  error happened:
       java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError: [exception was java.lang.NullPointerException]
          at FirstFrame.main(FirstFrame.java:6)
          at java.awt.Toolkit.tlkProperties(Toolkit.java:native)
          at java.awt.Toolkit.<clinit>(Toolkit.java:108)
          at java.awt.Color.setNativeValue(Color.java:285)
          at java.awt.Color.<clinit>(Color.java:54)
          at java.awt.Defaults.<clinit>(Defaults.java:144)
          at java.awt.Window.<init>(Window.java:34)
          at java.awt.Window.<clinit>(Window.java:26)
          at FirstFrame.main(FirstFrame.java:6)

         What is the wrong...? 
         Can someone help me?


        jia_xq at etang.com

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