[kaffe] kaffe for uclinux: eprintf not defined

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Wed Jul 16 08:00:01 PDT 2003

>I mean: can I say something to ./configure (or somewhere else...) to
>automatically made the changes to kaffe when building for my target??

Yes there is.

Add one more 'AC_CHECK_FUNCS' in 'configure.in' (not in 'configure')
with corresponding 'HAVE_???' is the first thing to do. You may have
to install latest libtools etc to do that. 'Libtool' expert (means
Dalibor?) may add better description :-)

But, before starting this, please recheck who calls '__eprintf' in
your build. Usually, function names starting with underscore is
internal function and they shall be provided by a given library.


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