[kaffe] Kaffe/Ant "hangs"

Jaco Greeff kaffe at puxedo.org
Mon Jul 21 05:51:02 PDT 2003

Me, again...

I'm using ant 1.5.3 under Kaffe to do quite large builds, for instance 
calling "/usr/bin/make" out of a build script that takes quite a long 
time to actually finish. In most part, this works quite well, but in 
some situations it seems to hang, i.e. the make command stops, just 
sitting there with not activity whatsoever.

This make is use to build quite large packages, for instance XFree86, 
which is where my current problem lies. Just calling the make command by 
itself in the correct directory completes fine, via kaffe/ant it keeps 
going and then stops. I've tried to tweak my memory parameters (I'm not 
getting out of memory problems anymore) but more than that, I'm stumped. 
My gut feeling is that something fishy is going on here, I just have no 
clue as to where to start to get some useful information.

Any ideas?


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