[kaffe] Re: cray int size problem

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Wed Jul 23 14:59:23 PDT 2003

In <Law10-F80Ag9faYB26t00012304 at hotmail.com> Eric Denman wrote:
> i'm another person working on the GW effort to port kaffe to a Cray SV-
> 1,  and have a question about some JIT details.
> on cray, all datatypes except chars are 8 bytes.  for instance, ints 
> and  longs are 8 bytes.  however, in gtypes.h, it seems that kaffe 
> requires  either int or long to be 4 bytes (as evidenced by this line:)
> #error "sizeof(int) or sizeof(long) must be 4"
> My question is whether this is a serious requirement: if we change 
> this  line, will we be breaking other things?

I'm not expert with inner guts of kaffe. But it is well knon that java 
provieds uniform sizes for datatypes across platforms. So afterall you 
will have to provide those! I don't know what the configuration you 
pointed out will do.


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