[kaffe] Kaffe/Ant "hangs"

Jaco Greeff kaffe at puxedo.org
Fri Jul 25 06:38:02 PDT 2003

Dalibor Topic wrote:
 > Jaco Greeff wrote:
 >>  > Perhaps its an output buffering problem?  What's happening to the
 >>  > stdout/stderr output from the make?
 >> Might well be. The make writes tons of messages to stdout/stderr. At
 >> the point of the hang everything (including the output) just stops. I
 >> would love to get more of a clue and give some better feedback, just
 >> not sure how to approach this one to get a decent report/resolution.
 > what happens when you redirect the output away from std* ?

I will try that over the weekend. Initially I thought it might be that
I'm running out of disk space (at least that is what I thought this
morning) that breaks the build. Cleaned up an additional 2GB and can
safely rule that option out.

In addition I'll also try 1.0.7 over the weekend, with that version I
could kill and typically on the second try it succeeded. Running the CVS
version (a week old now, updated today as well) doesn't seem to complete.

So in short, I have some thing to try with and play, which might result
in some better info. Frustrating if the only report I can give at this
point is "it doesn't work", doesn't help anybody.


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