[kaffe] stacktraces and stuff

Helmer Krämer hkraemer at freenet.de
Sun Jul 27 10:06:01 PDT 2003


sorry for being pretty silent for the last couple of days, I was
pretty packed with other stuff (being a student isn't all that
funny at times).

The patch I've just commited looks pretty big, but doesn't seem
to cause any serious damage. Basically it does just three things:

* only one version of dispatchException that works for both, the
  interpreter and the translator; the previous, seperate versions
  already were somewhat different
* moved the engine specific part of stack traces into some new
  headers in the directories of the different engines
* stack trace creation for the jit and jit3 engines should be a
  little bit faster now (especially the jit). 

Will grab some food now and have a look at the StackTraceElement
stuff afterwards.


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