[kaffe] Bug in Kaffe 1.0.7

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Sun Jul 27 22:58:02 PDT 2003

Hi Ito,

Ito Kazumitsu wrote:
> In message "Re: [kaffe] Bug in Kaffe 1.0.7"
>     on 03/07/27, Ito Kazumitsu <kaz at maczuka.gcd.org> writes:
>>Today (it is Sun Jul 27 07:33:35 JST 2003), both kaffe and Sun's JDK
>>gave the same results.
> Having tested various cases, I have got an idea that we should import
> GNU Classpath's java.util.Calendar and its relatives.
> GNU Classpath's java.util.Calendar also gives results different 
> from those of Sun's,  but it seems by far the better than kaffe's.
> The attached program prints week-related values for the dates
> from Jan 1 2000 to Dec 31 2003.  Both GNU Classpath and Sun's
> JDK give identical results for the following months:
>    Oct 2000, Apr 2001, Jul 2001, Sep 2002, Dec 2002, Jun 2003
> On the other hand, kaffe's java.util.Calendar produces very
> strange results:  adding one day to Jan 31 makes Jan 32 and
> so on and Feburary never comes.
> I am afraid correcting kaffe's java.util.Calendar and
> java.util.GregorianCalendar is very hard and fruitless.
> It was easy for me to import GNU Classpath's java.util.Calendar and
> its relatives to kaffe.  I just copied java/util/Calendar.java,
> java/util/GregorianCalendar.java and gnu/java/locale/Calendar*

thanks for looking at it, please go ahead and merge it in.

I attempted a rewrite of kaffe's Calendar and GregorianClaender classes 
a while ago, but it turned out to be quite hard to get it right. Since 
Classpath's classes work better, we should use them.

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