[kaffe] Re: Regression/build testing using Xenofarm

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Mon Jul 28 05:24:02 PDT 2003

Hi Jim,

Jim Pick wrote:

> Ultimately, I think we'll end up with a variety of regression testing
> systems.  I'd like to get results for Gump, Mauve, SpecJVM, and others
> up on the website.
> Here's what I've been thinking:
> 1) Let's not have one "official" regression testing framework.  Let's
>    encourage people to develop their own regression testing systems in
>    a distributed manner.
> 2) Let's define a standard reporting format, as an XML format.  People
>    format their results in this format, and upload them to the kaffe.org
>    server.
> 3) I'll write some scripts to suck in the various submitted XML files,
>    and produce useful reports.  We could even use a database (for
>    example, to track benchmark performance over time).
> 4) Install something like CVSps so we can more easily cross reference
>    individual checkins.

That sounds like the better plan in the long run. Though it also sounds 
like a nice project in itself, "designing and implementing a 
regression-test meta-framework". ;)

I'm not quite sure about 2) though. What should go into the reporting 
format? A lot of build tools just output (not very formatted) text to 
stdout and stderr. Or do you have filters in mind, that XMLize the 
output of 'make', for example?

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