[kaffe] Bug Report: Kaffe VM + JMF = crash!

soaringj liu liusoaring at yahoo.com.cn
Mon Jul 28 22:08:02 PDT 2003

Hi, there

    These days, I have tried to use JMF2.1.1 to create
a media player program based on Kaffe virtual machine.

But finally find that an error always occurs:
 FAILed! Jthread.c : Jthread_disable_stop:
assersion(jthread_disable_stop <50) FAiled!

    BTW, I performed this on Linux , and when I switch
kaffe VM to Sun J2sdk1.4.1, then everything gonna
I personnally think that Kaffe VM doesn't perform good
in synchronization merchanism. 

   p.s. I also heard that Kaffe works well with
Jmf1.0, but I can't find it . Will you send me a copy
of a URL Link so that I can test it thoroughly?


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