[kaffe] Cygwin patch

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Jul 30 14:30:02 PDT 2003


attached you'll find my latest patch to somehow fix the cygwin build. It 
applies cleanly against CVS head.

in order to get the Cygwin  build to work, I had to 'deinline' 
jthreads.h and move the inlined functions back into jthreads.c. I get 
tons of linker errors on Cygwin with the current sources otherwise.

I've ran a benchmark (EmbeddedCaffeineMark) against both version, and 
haven't found much difference (<5%) between the inlined and deinlined 
version. So if noone minds (and posts some numbers ;), I'll check it in 
  for 1.1.1.

dalibor topic
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