[kaffe] Qt AWT backend works under Qtopia(Qt Palmtop)

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Sun Jun 1 21:46:02 PDT 2003

> I was trying to get this patch to work over the weekend, but haven't had a
> clear success yet. It breaks qt embedded at the moment, and doesn't seem to
> work for me on qtopia 1.6 from trolltech. so I'd propose delaying the release
> by a week until that's sorted out, and continuing with the development until
> next wednesday, then freeze, release next sunday.

I was just about to plead for the same thing.  :-)

I had time to do some automake / "make dist" fixes this weekend, but
unfortunately, I came down with a touch of a cold, so I've been working
at reduced efficiency.  :-(

I'd really like to get a precompiled rt.jar in there somehow for the
release.  That should make life easier for those people who only want to
install the package and use it, and aren't that interested in doing
development work on the Java classes themselves.

I'd like to do a bit more testing on it as well.

So lets continue to do bugfixes until Wednesday, and we'll roll the
release out next Sunday.


 - Jim

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