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Tue Jun 3 17:23:01 PDT 2003


I've finally got around to merge in Jim Huang's Qtopia patch for kaffe's qt
based awt. I've only been able to test this on my mandrake 9.1 box with Qt3 and
it worked fine there. My old suse box seems to have problems with it, since it
crashes kaffe with a null pointer exception with qt2, qt3, qt-embedded and
qtopia, but I blame it on bad, old suse 7.3 ;) Testing this configurations, and
deciding that I can't do nothing against it, is why it took me so long to get
this patch checked in. so sorry for any delays, especially release freeze
related ones ;)

this is what happens on my suse box:  
> /tmp/kaffe-qt2/bin/kaffe -jar TextEdit.jar 
qapp initialization.

tlkInit Done.
Internal error: caught an unexpected exception.
Please check your CLASSPATH and your installation.
        at java.awt.Toolkit.tlkInit(Toolkit.java:native)

and the stack trace is empty since the backtrace produces an error about not
being able to dereference a null pointer, so there is some stack corruption
going on. I'll kindly leave fixing of that kind of problems to people who
actually use kaffe's qt-based AWT if the problem occurs on their systems ;)

As usual, any feedback, patches and praise are welcome ;)
dalibor topic

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