[freenet-dev] Re: [kaffe] Kaffe and Freenet, round (N+1)

Helmer Krämer hkraemer at freenet.de
Wed Jun 4 00:43:01 PDT 2003

On 04 Jun 2003 09:17:14 +0200
Mark Wielaard <mark at klomp.org> wrote:


> > So, the upshot is, I'm still running early-May CVS Kaffe.  It's the
> > only thing that still works.
> But I didn't know that it already worked with an older kaffe version.
> Can you determine on which date it actually broke?
> The strange thing is that the last work on the kaffe implementation of
> BigInteger is from Januari.

this is actually my bad. Kaffe's BigInteger.longValue() gave wrong
results for negative values. While trying to fix that, I managed
to get some errors in it that I didn't notice because my testcases
succeeded :((( 

Sorry for all the trouble,

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