[kaffe] kafee-qt 1.0.7 for ipaq on a board like assabet

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Wed Jun 4 01:41:01 PDT 2003

Hi sankalpa,

--- Sankalpa Gamwarige <sgamwarige at sri.crossvue.com> wrote:
> Are you sure you got that ipk file from kaffe.org?
> 	No I downloaded from http://yamaguch.sytes.net/~tora/download/ipkg/

then they could be able to help you better than we can ;) 

If you are using binary packages, there is no way for us to figure out what
modifications the packager made to the original sources, when they branched
away from the CVS tree, what settings they compiled with etc. There are so many
unknowns that you are better off asking the packager directly, who might even
have seen your problems during his attempts to package the software. when that
fails, grab the latest source from CVS, try again and please come back to
report success or failure ;)

> What's a winmanager?
> 	its a qt application which does the window management.U can connect to it
> if u donot wish to run u`r qt based 	application as a standard alone one.

ah, so it's something different from QWS? Can't each application simply be it's
own qws server?
> ipk is tar.gz format in which another tar.gz files are resident to my
> observation (data.tar.gz and control.tar.gz).

so it's another packaging format for binaries for embedded (linux?) platforms.

thanks for the information! and good luck tracking down the bug.

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