[kaffe] kaffe awt with qt embedded on board like ipaq

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Thu Jun 5 02:17:01 PDT 2003

hi Sankalpa,

--- Sankalpa <sgamwarige at sri.crossvue.com> wrote:
> Hi
> 	Hi what sort of configuration should I have in my qt source to build
> awt support with qt for kaffe?

I seriously don't know.

I'm using the latest source from CVS HEAD for my testing, and it can figure out
automatically the proper compiler and linker flags to build against any qt
library I've thrown at it, using the quite nice gwqt autoconf macros. 

That's the reason why I didn't simply check the original Qt code or the
improvements in the CVS as they were. As you can see youself, it's not really
working out of the box. The documentation is sporadic.

Since I want it to be useable out of the box, I invested some time into making
it play well with automake and found that nice autoconf macro package that
would let me build kaffe against qt without hassle. So my advice is to use the
current CVS HEAD version, since that's the code I'm going to try to support,
not the original patch + kaffe 1.0.7 ;)

> Can I avoid qt*/lib/*.so in my LD_LIBRARY_PATH to function qt awt?

configure and build it as a static library.

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