cross-compiling in general (was: Re: [kaffe] Freeze)

Kiyo Inaba inaba at
Thu Jun 5 09:32:02 PDT 2003


The story may be worse than I expect...
I'd like to resolve 'kaffeh' incompatibility issues and delete old 'kaffeh'
installed in '/usr/local/bin'. Then, new native build installs 'kaffeh' into

And of course for cross-compiling, 'configure' says,
  checking for kaffeh... no
  configure: error: please set KAFFEH to the full pathname of a locally executable kaffeh

In the next release, if a user wants to use 'kaffeh', does the user have
to include '/usr/local/kaffe/bin' (or any equivalent) into his PATH
environment variable?

If my assumption is correct, I have to add something to 'FAQ.cross-compiling'


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