[kaffe] assertion failed: mem/gc-incremental.c 384

Greg Wooledge greg at wooledge.org
Fri Jun 6 03:54:01 PDT 2003

kaffe-bin in malloc(): warning: recursive call.
kaffe-bin in malloc(): warning: recursive call.
assertion "GC_GET_FUNCS(info, idx) < sizeof(gcFunctions)/sizeof(gcFunctions[0])" failed: file "mem/gc-incremental.c", line 384

#0  0x4086327b in kill ()
#1  0x401fa8bb in abort ()
#2  0x401b274f in __assert ()
#3  0x4003e023 in gcWalkMemory (gcif=0x4009dcd4, mem=0x4009dcfc)
    at mem/gc-incremental.c:383
#4  0x4003e504 in gcMan (arg=0x4009dcd4) at mem/gc-incremental.c:504
#5  0x4005d2d8 in startSpecialThread (arg=0x3da980) at thread.c:285
#6  0x400867e8 in start_this_sucker_on_a_new_frame () at jthread.c:1266
#7  0x40086968 in jthread_create (pri=11, 
    func=0x4005d2a4 <startSpecialThread>, daemon=-809510880, 
    jlThread=0x4005cf3d, threadStackSize=1074122447) at jthread.c:1336
#8  0x4005cf1c in createThread (tid=0x3da980, func=0x4005d2a4, 
    stacksize=16384, einfo=0xcfbfd8a0) at thread.c:121
#9  0x4005d3ba in createDaemon (func=0x4003e30c, nm=0x4003f9bb "gc", 
    arg=0x4009dcd4, prio=11, stacksize=16384, einfo=0xcfbfd8a0) at thread.c:324
#10 0x4003fa51 in gcEnable (collector=0x4009dcd4) at mem/gc-incremental.c:1093
#11 0x4002a610 in initialiseKaffe () at baseClasses.c:214
#12 0x40044bcb in JNI_CreateJavaVM (vm=0xa340, env=0xa5b8, args=0xa348)
    at jni.c:205

This is from a CVS checkout on Wednesday evening (CVS/Entries has

/ChangeLog/1.1384/Wed Jun  4 23:25:33 2003//

as the most recent file.)  OpenBSD 3.3 x86, running Freenet 6043.

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