[kaffe] Compatibility - Application Testing

Ito Kazumitsu ito.kazumitsu at hitachi-cable.co.jp
Fri Jun 6 16:49:02 PDT 2003

In message "[freenet-dev] Re: [kaffe] Kaffe and Freenet, round (N+1)"
    on 03/06/05, Dalibor Topic <robilad at yahoo.com> writes:

> http://www.kaffe.org/compatibility_applications.shtml . definitely needs an
> update to show the latest advances.

Here are applications I use with kaffe.  They are all for
production use. Those marked with '*' are already on

*Saxon http://saxon.sf.net/
   XSLT processor.

*HSQLDB http://hsqldb.sourceforge.net/
   Relational database engine.

 Java Excel API http://www.andykhan.com/jexcelapi/
   A Java API to read, write and modify Excel spreadsheets.

 ExcelCSVPrinter, ExcelCSVParser http://ostermiller.org/utils/ExcelCSV.html
    Utilities for Excel Comma Separated Values.

 JDBM http://jdbm.sourceforge.net/
   It aims to be for Java what GDBM is for other languages.

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