[kaffe] current status?

Michael Franz mvfranz at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 6 18:14:01 PDT 2003

> I recently upgraded my iBook and tried in on Mac OS
> X 10.2 / PowerPC. 
> The head of CVS compiled staticly (dynamic linking
> hasn't been fixed for
> Mac OS X).  It did complain about needing automake
> in the libltdl
> directoy - I'm going to try to fix that today.  It
> was able to run
> "Hello World", but was unable to run kjc (our javac,
> needed to recompile
> the class libs).  I imagine that Linux/PPC would
> have similar results.
How long ago was that?  I have a pull from cvs that is
2 weeks old and I don't think it works on any classes.
 It fails 95% of the tests.  I have been trying to
debug through it, but I am having problems with using
gdb (prefer a GUI).  I think there is something wrong
with the class loader or the threading, but now idea
what is the problem.


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