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Sun Jun 8 08:13:01 PDT 2003

Hallo Michael,

--- Michael Franz <mvfranz at yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- Greg Wooledge <greg at wooledge.org> wrote:
> > Michael Franz (mvfranz at yahoo.com) wrote:
> > 
> > > How long ago was that?  I have a pull from cvs
> > that is
> > > 2 weeks old and I don't think it works on any
> > classes.
> > 
> > There have been major changes to Kaffe in the last
> > two weeks.
> OK.  What has changed in the last 2 weeks that
> requites me to have automake?

I've patched libltdl in order to fix libtool on amiga and netbsd, and that in
turns seemed to have summoned the curse of automake upon anyone using the CVS
HEAD. I hope that Jim's latest patch fixed that. It doesn't occur with
distribution tarballs generated using make dist, for example, so a workaround
if you can't install the latest auto* tools and libtool somewhere on your
system would be to create a tarball on a system with the latest autotools.

Given that Jim is going to release 1.1.0 today, you might as well just use that
when it comes out ;)

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