[kaffe] status of current CVS HEAD on latest cygwin

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 8 14:04:01 PDT 2003

Hi all,

the status on cygwin is a sad story, as usual ;) I've attached a faillog from 

cd build ; ../kaffe-1.1.x-cvs/configure --prefix=/tmp/topic/current ; make

It turns out that the linker on Cygwin for some reason complains about not
being able to find symbols it can easily find on other platforms. Here's my
theory about what happens: kaffe doesn't use the libtool DLL specification
machinery, so the cygwin linker ends up doing something completely different
from other platforms.

I've also attached a patch that 'deinlines' jthread.[ch] that's needed to get
past the compilation of kaffeh and get the faillog above. I don't think it
should be checked in as it is, since it's going to degrade performance for
other platforms. On the other hand, static inline functions in header files
seem to be a gcc-ism, so purging them and putting them back into *.c files
might help portability, and cleaner code ;)

When I compile it with --with-staticvm it breaks because inet_ntop and
inet_pton are missing on Cygwin.
http://ftp.sergei.cc/pub/ircII/ircii-current/ircii/source/inet_ntop.c might be
usefule replacement function implementation.

dalibor topic

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