[kaffe] Kaffe 1.1.0 "Development" Release available for download

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Mon Jun 9 00:11:02 PDT 2003


I've made the 1.1.0 release of Kaffe available for download at:


This is a "development" release, the first one in the 1.1.x series.

It's probably much better than the 1.0.7 release, but it has not been
tested extensively enough to be considered a production release.

Please read the RELEASE-NOTES for additional release notes.

I think people will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of software
Kaffe is now able to run.  And we're on the verge of making some big
breakthroughs.  :-)

We do need volunteers to help us out with a variety of projects and
ports.  In particular, both the Windows and Mac OS X ports are still
quite broken.  All the action is on the kaffe at kaffe.org mailing list,
join us there!

The next development release (1.1.1) will be in 2-3 months.  I didn't
get the chance to do a release candidate build for this one, and I
made some major packaging modification (it took me all weekend) - if
I messed up the packaging in a big way, I might do a 1.1.0a release.

Here is "What's New" in 1.1.0:

* Port to x86-64 GNU/Linux

* Port to RISC OS

* Port to Playstation 2 GNU/Linux

* Port to SuperH GNU/Linux

* Qt based AWT backend

* Support for javax.sound from tritonus.org

* Support for JAXP from GNU JAXP

* Support for java.util.regex from GNU regexp

* New java.lang.reflect.Proxy from GNU Classpath.

* Built-in XML parser (Aelfred2).

* New packages:

  * java.awt.color
  * java.awt.dnd
  * java.awt.font
  * java.awt.geom
  * java.awt.im
  * java.awt.image.renderable
  * java.awt.print
  * java.beans.beancontext
  * java.nio
  * java.nio.channels
  * java.nio.channels.spi
  * java.nio.charset
  * java.nio.charset.spi
  * java.security.acl
  * java.util.logging
  * java.util.prefs
  * java.util.regex
  * javax.accessibility
  * javax.naming
  * javax.naming.directory
  * javax.naming.event
  * javax.naming.ldap
  * javax.naming.spi
  * javax.rmi
  * javax.rmi.CORBA
  * javax.sound.midi
  * javax.sound.midi.spi
  * javax.sound.sampled
  * javax.sound.sampled.spi
  * javax.sql
  * javax.swing.text
  * javax.transaction
  * javax.transaction.xa
  * javax.xml.parsers
  * javax.xml.transform
  * javax.xml.transform.dom
  * javax.xml.transform.sax
  * javax.xml.transform.stream
  * org.w3c.dom
  * org.w3c.dom.css
  * org.w3c.dom.events
  * org.w3c.dom.html
  * org.w3c.dom.ranges
  * org.w3c.dom.stylesheets
  * org.w3c.dom.traversal
  * org.w3c.dom.views
  * org.xml.sax
  * org.xml.sax.ext
  * org.xml.sax.helpers

* New build system.

* Support for user defined class library profiles

* New version of KJC (2.1B).

* Many improvements to serialization, localization,
  and reflection.

* Implemented native2ascii, javah.

* Lots of bug fixes.

Have fun!  And thanks to all the developers and
contributors that made this possible!


 - Jim

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