[kaffe] 1.1.0 on sparc-solaris2

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 9 07:52:01 PDT 2003


another test on a another platform :)

Solaris 9 complained about the tar archive being broken. I've unpacked the tar
archive under linux and used that directory. 

1.1.0 builds just fine on below are the results for make check on
sparc-solaris2, with my usual settings. I've attached the warnings and the
failures for reference (and to incite sparc/solaris users to fix them ;)

gmake[3]: Entering directory `/tmp/kaffe/build/test/regression'
PASS: HelloWorldApp.class.save
PASS: HelloWorldApp.java
PASS: TestIntLong.java
PASS: TestFloatDouble.java
FAIL: DoubleCvt.java
PASS: DoubleNeg.java
PASS: DoubleConst.java
PASS: DoublePrint.java
PASS: DoubleComp.java
PASS: ModuloTest.java
PASS: LongNeg.java
PASS: FPUStack.java
PASS: NegativeDivideConst.java
PASS: divtest.java
PASS: Str.java
PASS: Str2.java
PASS: InternHog.java
PASS: IndexTest.java
PASS: StackDump.java
PASS: CatchLimits.class.save
PASS: tname.java
PASS: ttest.java
PASS: ThreadInterrupt.java
FAIL: ThreadState.java
PASS: UncaughtException.java
PASS: IllegalWait.java
PASS: WaitTest.java
PASS: Preempt.java
PASS: TestSerializable.java
PASS: TestSerializable2.java
PASS: SerializationCompatibility.java
PASS: SerialPersistentFields.java
PASS: TestSerialVersions.java
PASS: TestSerialPersistent.java
PASS: TestSerialFields.java
PASS: TestObjectStreamField.java
PASS: ReflectInterfaces.java
PASS: InnerTest.java
PASS: SerialUID.java
PASS: TestCasts.java
PASS: Alias.java
PASS: NullPointerTest.java
PASS: NullInvoke.java
PASS: TableSwitch.java
PASS: LostFrame.java
PASS: ConstructorTest.java
PASS: burford.java
PASS: IllegalInterface.java
PASS: GetInterfaces.java
PASS: IntfTest.java
PASS: SignedShort.java
PASS: CharCvt.java
PASS: BadFloatTest.java
PASS: ProcessTest.java
PASS: UDPTest.java
PASS: SoTimeout.java
PASS: wc.java
PASS: FileTest.java
PASS: FileChecks.java
PASS: finalexc.java
PASS: finaltest.java
PASS: finaltest2.java
PASS: forNameTest.java
PASS: LoaderTest.java
PASS: ArrayForName.java
PASS: KaffeVerifyBug.java
PASS: Schtum.java
PASS: Reflect.java
PASS: MethodBug.java
PASS: Bean.java
PASS: SortTest.java
PASS: ArraysTest.java
PASS: SubListTest.java
PASS: HashTest.java
PASS: SecureRandomTest.java
PASS: MapTest.java
PASS: URLTest.java
PASS: PropertiesTest.java
PASS: ReaderTest.java
PASS: CharArrayReaderTest.java
PASS: LineNumberReaderTest.java
PASS: BufferedReaderTest.java
PASS: ReaderReadVoidTest.java
PASS: InputStreamTest.java
PASS: PipeTest.java
PASS: DateFormatTest.java
PASS: GetField.java
PASS: LostTrampolineFrame.java
SKIP: NetworkInterfaceTest.java
PASS: InetAddressTest.java
PASS: InetSocketAddressTest.java
PASS: ReflectInvoke.java
PASS: InvTarExcTest.java
PASS: SystemLoaderTest.java
TestScript: line 4: 20341 Abort                   $JAVA $* >$TMPRESULT 2>&1
FAIL: NoClassDefTest.java
PASS: CLTest.java
TestScript: line 4: 20477 Abort                   $JAVA $* >$TMPRESULT 2>&1
FAIL: CLTestConc.java
PASS: CLTestJLock.java
PASS: CLTestLie.java
PASS: CLTestFindLoaded.java
PASS: ClassDeadLock.java
PASS: ExceptionTest.java
PASS: ExceptionTestClassLoader.java
PASS: ExceptionTestClassLoader2.java
PASS: TestClassRef.java
PASS: ClassGC.java
PASS: GCTest.java
PASS: ThreadLocalTest.java
PASS: BeanBug.java
PASS: BitSetTest.java
PASS: ExceptionInInitializerTest.java
PASS: InitTest.java
PASS: CLInitThrow.java
PASS: ProcessClassTest.java
PASS: ProcessClassInst.java
PASS: ProcessClassStop.java
PASS: FindSystemClass.java
PASS: ProcessClassLockTest.java
PASS: DoubleBug.java
FAIL: TestUnlock.java
PASS: MarkResetTest.java
PASS: HashtableTest1.java
PASS: ReflectMultiArray.java
PASS: ExecTest.java
PASS: ProhibitedClass.java
PASS: KaffeInternal.java
PASS: CatchDeath.java
PASS: ThreadStop.java
PASS: DeadThread.java
PASS: tthrd1.java
PASS: DosTimeVerify.java
PASS: ZipVerify.java
PASS: ZipTest.java
PASS: TruncatedClass.java
PASS: SoInterrupt.java
PASS: sysdepCallMethod.java
SKIP: TestNative.java
5 of 135 tests failed
(2 tests were not run)

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