[kaffe] Re: AmigaOS Config failure

Tony Wyatt wyattaw at optushome.com.au
Tue Jun 10 00:13:01 PDT 2003

Hi Kiyo,

On 10-Jun-03, you wrote:

> Hi Tony,
>> Sadly the configure script will not run on my AmigaOS platform. The
>> script crashes the machine, leaving only a file "configure.lineno"
>> behind. This file has 30,690 lines.
> That's too bad... For this specific issue, I am sorry to say I can not
> help at all (I have never seen Amiga in Japan), but if you have chance
> could you please try 1.1.0 with m68k-linux. At least this does not
> work with my old (debian hamm) linux.
Actually, I owe an apology to someone. The second time I ran it, it crashed
again at the same place, but on the third attempt, it went past that area
and hung up at the part of the configure script that estimates the maximum
command length.

My next whinge:

The loop that measures the command length, on my 68k machine at 50 MHz,
takes 3 minutes 39 sec *per iteration*. That means that a complete run
through the "while" loop would take over an hour. The previous version of
the configure script took about 1 h 20 m to complete. I have no idea where
it spends its time.

I have added a "case" statement for "amigaos" to set the variable to 8192.
It's just a guess, but we'll see how it goes.


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