[kaffe] Replaced the good old lightweight AWT?!

Clemens Eisserer ceisserer at utanet.at
Sun Jun 15 22:48:02 PDT 2003

Hi there!

I just read the release notes of Kaffe-1.1 and I was really shocked. I
dont have the opportunity to test kaffe-1.1 by myself so I´ve to ask.

I read that theres a new AWT that uses QT as underlaying toolik. Was the
old lightweight AWT replaced with this heavyweight toolkit?
My Problem is, that I was very happy with the old solution, because it was
so incredible fast, especally for other lightweight toolkits (Biss AWT,
Ought2, ..).
I also tinkered in integrating Biss-AWT instead of the "old" AWT used in
Kaffe, because it has all the common awt features but also supports a lot
of other new widgets.
For JVM´s that doesnt include these new AWT classes it would be no
problem, to create "compatibility packages" which only include classes not
included in the standard classpath.

With QT creating such packages would be really hard, the native widgets
need to be created lightweight for other JVM´s!

The second problem I see is that QT slows down all the primitive drawing
functions which are used very often by lightweight toolkits! I loved kaffe
because it used the underlaying X directly without requiring a native
toolkit whioch slows down drawing speed, because of adding a new layer of

Kaffes built-in Gui support is very poor for bigger apps, and because of
free swing replacements doesnt come up (I also tried it by myself, butthe
toolkit seems to be incerdibly overdesigned and ugly!) it would make sence
in my opinion to extend the currently used AWT implementation.

But when QT replaced all the great lightweight stuff, all my thoughts are
useless ;-((

Please tell my your ideas!

lg Clemens

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