[kaffe] Problem in running kaffe application

Deepti Nayak deepti_nayak at infosys.com
Wed Jun 25 00:16:01 PDT 2003


I have downloaded kaffe-common.tar and kaffe-wince-arm-hpc.tar and I have installed it on a pocket PC which has a ARM processor.
But I am not able to run any sample application.

Can someone give a brief idea about the various command line options specified while running kaffe.exe?

Also I would also like to know what is "Java Class" is second line? This code is given in wince-reg file.

cereg -k "HKCR\.class" -n "" -v "javaclass"
cereg -k "HKCR\javaclass" -n "" -v "Java Class"
cereg -k "HKCR\javaclass\Shell\Open\Command" -n "" -v """"%kaffexe%""" 


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