[kaffe] verifyMode, obsolete flags, a man page patch, and trusted code

Rob Gonzalez rgonzale at wso.williams.edu
Wed Jun 25 06:42:01 PDT 2003

> > The last (and default) is to "only verify things loaded over a network".  
> > Like many things in Sun's verifier documentation, this isn't actually how
> > it behaves.  In fact, when you use the option "Xverify:remote" it verifies
> > everything not in the default bootclasspath, regardless of whether it was
> > loaded "over a network", which is as Dalibor suspected.  Grrrrr Sun. 
> How would you detect whether a class was loaded via the network?

Presumably by marking it when loading somehow, but the point is that Sun's
JVM doesn't do this.  I was simply pointing out a discrepency between
their documentation & implementation.

> > Now, in order to implement this behavior we not only have to check that
> > the classloader is the primordial classloader (which i *think* is
> > trivial...just check whether class->loader == NULL)
> Yep, that's right.
> > but also that the file
> > retrieved is from the bootclasspath, and not simply the classpath, as the
> > primordial class loader loads from both. 
> Why do think that the primordial classloader also searches the
> classpath? Kaffe now has the AppClassLoader, which only searches
> the classpath and the PrimordialClassLoader, which only searches
> the bootclasspath; if the latter also searches the classpath, it
> should be fixed.

That clears things up :)


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