[kaffe] an error during 'make' cause of library linking and ' illegal instruction (core dumped) in target board.

정종진_KETI mozzalt at keti.re.kr
Wed Jun 25 22:25:01 PDT 2003

> >I succeeded in building a kaffe CVS (about  April 15 2003), and I tested
> >java code in my target. It makes a good job..
> >But it generate the follwing Waning message....in both host(x86-i686) and
> >target.
> >----------------------------------------------
> >Waring : Unrecognized version number 47/0 in classfile.
> >----------------------------------------------
> If your problem is same as me, following checkout
>    cvs co -D '2003-05-15 12:00 UTC' kaffe
> may solve the problem.
> Please let us know whether this solves your problem or not.
> Kiyo

Thanks for sending a solution about my problem
Instead of doing '  cvs co -D '2003-05-15 12:00 UTC' kaffe',
I tried to find code that print warning message.

I could see the waring message in kaffe/kaffevm/readClass.c .
So I added 'macro' and 'if-sentence' to readClass() in
It didn't print warning message any more.

Also, I know that this bugs is fixed in recent kaffe-cvs.
So, If use the latest kaffe-cvs, it doesn't matter.

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