[kaffe] I have a problem in building kaffe-1.1.0.

정종진_KETI mozzalt at keti.re.kr
Thu Jun 26 21:01:01 PDT 2003


I have updated kaffe-tree with kaffe-1.1.0.

But I have a new problem for compiling kaffe.

I have already succeeded in compiling kaffe( it is kaffe-1.0.7 and may be
version of cvs-about April.)

So I copied a generated  binary kaffe tree to my embedded system. I tested
kaffe regression example and awt-example. It makes a good job.

Since I have updated kaffe-tree with kaffe-1.1.0, I have a serious problem
during ‘make’

Simply, my procedure is the following

1.       I choose jikes-1.18 as compilers for Java. So I updated jikes
through jikes-cvs repository. And I compiled jikes with the following

1) ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/jikes
         2) make
         3) make install

2.     I downloaed qt-3.1.1 and I install qt in /usr/local/mips-qt .

       3.  I updated kaffe  through kaffe CVS and I first built a kaffe for
x86(i686) in order to compile a java code in host(i686)
../configure --prefix=/usr/local/x86kaffe --with-jikes=/usr/local/jikes/bin/j
                 2) make and make install
                3) It makes succesfully and kaffe example is compiled(javac
XXX.java) and runned(java XXX) succesfully

      4. I  compiled kaffe for my target(embedded system)  ( mips, linux,
awt=qt,CrossCompiler tool chain mips-linux-gcc(egcs- 2.91.66,etc)
          1) I configured a kaffe with the following options
              export QTDIR=/usr/local/mips-qt
              CC=mips-linux-gcc CFLAGS="-mcpu=r5000" \
              CXX=mips-linux-g++ CXXFLAGS="-mcpu=r5000" \
              KAFFEH=/usr/local/x86kaffe/bin/kaffeh \
              ./configure \
\ --with-jikes=/usr/local/bin/jikes/bin/jikes \
              --target=mips-pc-linux-gnu --host=mips-linux-gnu --build=i686-
linux \
              --with-include=/usr/mips-linux/include --with-libraries=usr/mi
ps-linux/lib \
              --with-awt=qt --with-qtdir=/usr/local/mips-qt \
              --enable-debug  --disable-feedback  --without-profiling  --wit
hout-stats  --disable-gcj

           2) I did 'make'. The following error hapens duding 'make'
            mips-linux-g++ -shared -    nostdlib
/opt/mipsroot/usr/lib/crti.o /opt/mipsroot/usr/lib/crtbeginS.o
            .libs/tlk.o .libs/wnd.o .libs/evt.o .libs/gra.o .libs/fnt.o
..libs/clr.o .libs/img.o .libs/cbd.o .libs/evt.moc.o
             -L/usr/local/mips-qt/lib -lqte -L/usr/lib/gcc-lib/mips-linux/eg
cs-2.91.66 -L/usr/mips-linux/lib -lstdc++
             -lm -lc -gcc /opt/mipsroot/usr/lib/crtendS.o
             -mcpu=r5000 -mcpu=r5000 -Wl,-soname -Wl,libawt-1.1.x-cvs.so -Wl
,-retain-symbols-file -Wl,.libs/libawt.exp -o .libs/libawt-1.1.x-cvs.so

              /usr/mips-linux/bin/ld: cannot find -lm
             make[4]: *** [libawt.la] Error 1
             make[4]: Exit `/root/kaffe/libraries/clib/awt/qt' directory
             make[3]: *** [all] Error 2
             make[3]: Exit `/root/kaffe/libraries/clib/awt/qt' directory
             make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
             make[2]: Exit `/root/kaffe/libraries/clib/awt' directory
             make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
             make[1]: Exit `/root/kaffe/libraries/clib' directory
             make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
               Like error message, I can't find libm.* and  libc.*. But I
can find those object files in /opt/mipsroot/usr/lib/ .
               ( I am developing the settop of Cougar-L board of Teralogic.
                 May be, the path of '/usr/mips-linux/*' , /opt/mipsroot/*'
is installed by installing the crosscompiler of Cougar-L in my
host-PC(x86) ).

               Anyway, so I replaced the option
(--with-libraries=/usr/mips-linux/lib) with
'--with-libraries=/opt/mipsroot/usr/lib/ .
               It didn't happen error.
            3) So I did 'make install'
            4) The binary kaffe-tree for my embedded system is created and I
copied that to '/usr/local/kaffe/'of my embedded system.
            5) I exercuted all binary ( /usr/local/kaffe/bin/* ). But it
generate 'Illedgal Instruction(core dumped).
                Debugging options(-verbosecall, -vmdebug) is useless. The
result is same.

 What is the wrong...?
 Before I use the latest kaffe-CVS, I have a nothing problem.
 How can I solve those problems?
 Is not the cross-compile environment supported by Cougar-L of Teralogic
enough ?
 If not so ,do I need a knowledge about the option
"--with-libraries, --with-include)?

 I wonder about the cause of my problem.

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