[kaffe] Re: Problem compiling 1.1.0 with GCC 3.3 on GNU/Linux PowerPC, and 1 test failed

Tony Wyatt wyattaw at optushome.com.au
Fri Jun 27 17:48:01 PDT 2003

Hi Luca and Dalibor,

On 27/06/03, you wrote:

>   One person kindly contacted me off-list saying I should define 
> LONG_MODULO_BROKEN; I hardcoded it in config.h and that fixed the issue. 
> In my opinion we need a check at configure time; it's easy. If I have 
> understood correctly that person told me that such a check existed in 
> release 1.0.7 for the 68000, which has the same problem.

That was I.

Just to re-iterate, the "configure" script tests the condition
"remainder of (0x80000000 // -1L)". On x86, it raises an arithmetic exeption
and the script sets the flag "LONG_MODULO_BROKEN".

The Motorola M68k series and (it would seem) the PowerPC series processors
do not generate an exception, but silently generate the wrong answer. 

Now, Dalibor, what happened to that patch I sent you months ago for
"configure"? You asked me to supply a similar patch for "configure.in" instead
of "configure", and I think I did, but if not, shall I send it again?


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